Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental

Need to rent a wheelchair accessible van in Aurora, Denver, Colorado Springs, or out by Denver International Airport?

We can help with that.

We specialize in mobility vans for those:

  • Needing temporary transportation while you are going through rehabilitation
  • Traveling the great state of Colorado and need something more specialized than a standard car
  • Temporary transportation when your mobility vehicle has been involved in an accident.
  • Extended test drives of mobility vehicles to find the right fit.

We rent lowered floor minivans with wheelchair ramp conversion modifications. All vans are equipped with either manual or power side-load entry doors and ramps; four-point self-retracting wheelchair restraint tie down system, and federally approved seat belt systems connected to the vehicle.

We also offer standard left hand, 90-degree hand controls, six-way power transfer seat in the driver position, and power side doors & ramp models. Drivers wishing to rent a vehicle equipped with hand controls must present an updated prescription or certification from a certified driver rehab specialist (or the like) that details the type of adaptive driving controls to be used. Colorado requires this specialized driver’s license.

Mobility Van Rentals of Denver vans are modified according to the recommendations and guidelines of The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). Our knowledgeable staff will demonstrate the use of adaptive features that insure safe and comfortable transportation.

Our full and mini size vans include:

  • 30” width Wheelchair ramp
  • At least 10” lowered floor (taller drop also available)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Ratcheting wheelchair restraint and securement system (also for scooters)
  • Power rear sliding doors are available
  • Manual hand controls are available
  • 6-way power transfer seats for drivers are available
  • Outside Entry Control is available

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Side Load Lowered Floor Vans


An excellent choice for a long road trip or family event. This is the top of the line, Premium conversion brand wheelchair accessible van with many comfort and technology features. Power opening door and ramp with kneeling feature available. Current body-style Dodge Grand Caravan or similar.


Side Load Lowered Floor Vans


An Economy option carries the same safety standards at the Premium but is missing some features and options. Also a top of the line conversion brand wheelchair accessible van but has manual door and ramp operation. Late model Dodge Grand Caravan or similar.


Rear Load Vans

Basic door and ramp operation with manual opening and closing. This is a great replacement transportation vehicle while yours is in the shop. This is an economy conversion brand wheelchair accessible van with available Long Channel cut. Late model Dodge Grand Caravan or similar.



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