Q’Straint QLK-150 Electric Wheelchair Docking Station

The QLK-150 offers more options and features than any other docking system on the market. With a smaller footprint, customizable height adjustment, and a removable top (for easier servicing) the Q’Straint QLK-150 is a superior product. Q’Straint is also the Bracket Leader in the industry, offering attachment pins brackets for hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of models.

No other docking system on the market can come close to the QLK-150’s complete lineup of supported chairs.



Adjustable Height

The lowest and highest clearance of any docking system.
Available base mounts provide a custom OEM fit while giving any wheelchair MORE ground clearance than any other system on the market. Even just a few millimeters of clearance makes a big difference. The QLK-150 floor mounts can dramatically improve your clearance by up to several inches.

Modern Button Controls

Seamlessly blends into modern vehicle interiors with no modifications or holes to drill.
Compact design with extra-large touch area and clear LED indicators simplify the user experience. Multiple dash controls can be installed if desired.

Advanced Stabilizer

The QLK-150 offers advanced stabilizing options designed to be installed and used easily rather than utilizing the outdated stabilizing fork.

Smart Processor

The newly designed micro-processor controller sends data directly from the control pad to the base unit putting the latest technology at your fingertips. A single micro-switch eliminates the need for a separate thermal switch, allowing for improved electrical reliability.

Hardened Construction

All components are made of high-grade Heat Treated steel with eco-friendly coating, and each component (except for base mounts) is specially treated to increase strength and durability, reduce entry channel warping, and to prevent corrosion.


QLK-150 Remote

The operator can release the system from outside of the vehicle and it eliminates the reach to the dash for drivers with limited mobility. Key fob remote can be easily clipped to your key ring or mobility device.

Q’Straint is Commitment to Safety

Crash Testing

The QLK-150 is the first and only docking system that meets the higher WC/19 wheelchair load requirements. Also the only system tested Forward, Rearward and Sideways.

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