Colorado Fleet and Mobility

Founded in August of 2014, our original broker-house, Colorado Fleet and Mobility, quickly outgrew its original location in Aurora. Having sold over 250 vehicles in those first few years reinforced a need for affordable transportation was out there and meant we needed a larger location. Colorado Fleet and Mobility, LLC was a used Commercial Truck, Van and Car sales company. The purpose of our business was to sell safe, reliable, cost-effective transportation for those that needed work vehicles. We operated as a broker house in order to find the right vehicles at lower prices than traditional dealerships.

As we grew, the Mission of Colorado Fleet And Mobility shifted, focusing on providing others with the means in which to live life to its fullest. We developed the mantra: “We believe everyone should know the pleasure of driving – no matter what anyone else says. We are very passionate about driving and driving in a well-running machine” and it set us apart from the norm in the mobility industry. Originally our focus was on carrying a selection of Commercial Fleet vehicles, Mobility and Accessibility vehicles, All-Wheel and 4-Wheel drive vehicles, as well as Unique and Luxury vehicles. Near the end of 2018, we were stocking and selling 9 wheelchair accessible vehicles to every 1 commercial vehicle.

In January of 2019, we moved to Denver and became Mobility of Denver with our focus solely on the mobility impaired community.