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Adapt Solutions Vehicle Equipment

Adapt Solutions help people with limited mobility get in and out of their vehicles by offering innovative, discreet, user-friendly and easily installed quality mobility equipment.

Mobility of Denver sells, installs and repairs Vehicle Lifts sold by Adapt Solutions for vechiles.

Here are some commonly purchased products Mobility of Denver installs:

Link Seat down (Adapt Solutions Product)

LINK Seat:

Installed Price: $11,999-$12,999
(installed, depending on application)

The LINK seat uses the original seat to maintain comfort and style of your interior. The LINK maximizes clearance and safety for transfers. With a simple hand pendant, the user can tilt the seat anyway they please, this allows for increased safety and to prevent the LINK from moving inadvertently. The LINK is fully powered by the vehicle, when not in use, it will automatically go into SLEEP MODE, preventing from draining the battery. The LINK also has a manual emergency backup system for extra peace of mind. The LINK is installed into the original seat mounts of your vehicle with no structural modifications. It can easily be removed to return the vehicle to its original condition without affecting the resale value.


Speedy-Lift picking up chair (Adapt Solutions Product)

Speedy Lift:

Installed Price: $6,499-$7,499
(installed, depending on application)

The SPEEDY-LIFT allows for quick and easy pick up of a wheelchair into your vehicle. Just back the wheelchair up, push a button and watch the SPEEDY-LIFT pick up the chair and tuck it into place behind the driver’s seat. Designed to keep the use of up to 6 seats, while it fits adjacent to the sliding door It’s.easily installed into the second-row seat and mounts with no structural modifications to your vehicle. The SPEEDY-LIFT features an automatic locking mechanism that fastens your wheelchair in place and a full cycle of the lift takes less than 30 seconds. The SPEEDY-LIFT can be paired with the LINK, the ASENTO or the XL-SEAT. The SPEEDY-LIFT is designed for rigid frame manual wheelchairs.


Asento – XL-Seat folded out and up (Adapt Solutions Product)


Installed Price: $5,999-$6,999
(installed, depending on application)

Accessibility and simplicity blended into one, unique mobility solution. A transfer board that takes you from the floor of the vehicle up to the driver’s (or passenger’s) seat. Complete with a retractable support arm and an easy-to-use hand pendant. The original seat remains intact. The compact unit does not affect any of the seat features, including the recline, or forward and aft movements. The transfer board can be removed to allow easy access to other drivers. Designed for the driver and front passenger positions in Minivans, Pickup Trucks, SUV’s and some Crossovers with no structural modification to your vehicle. The ASENTO can be installed with the SPEEDY-LIFT. The XL-SEAT offers two solutions to get your wheelchair into your minivan via the sliding door: the HI-LIFT or the SPEEDY-LIFT .

Besides the products listed above, Adapt Solutions has a full line of products and Mobility of Denver is here to sell and install any of them. Learn more by visiting their website here:

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